Dover Street Wine Bar

Its sad to hear the news that Dover Street Wine bar has closed its doors, the news came to us just a few days after our last performance on the 9th October, we found out that night the owner had sadly passed away in July this year & as soon as that news broke we just had a feeling something was about to happen..

For the last 4 years Groove Instinct has performed a monthly residency at Dover Street Wine, in 2011 we performed at the club for NYE, on the whole we had some great nights & secured a lot of bookings from clients we invited down. From day one we battled against the bad PA system which was never changed, but to Dover Street & the owners credit they paid us an additional fee to bring our PA system for the last year, for us this turned the gig into the best residency you could ask for, now the audience can hear everything really well & the band can hear themselves properly.

We are proud to have been able to perform in a club with so much history & very grateful for the support Dover Street Wine Bar has given us.

We would like to thank all the management at Dover Street, the staff & especially the door staff for several years of great nights & we would like to thank every guest who came to see us perform, regardless of booking or not.

So we now start our search for a new great venue but we know finding somewhere like Dover Street wine bar won’t be easy.

Dover Street Wine Bar – 1979 – 2014